Welcome Message
Welcome Message
  • Message from the Chair of The Host Committee

    As the chair of the Local Organizing Committee of the ICDERS 2023, I welcome you all to the 29th International Colloquium on the Dynamics of Explosions and Reactive Systems (ICDERS 2023) hosted jointly by the Korean Society of Combustion Institute (KOSCO) and Seoul National University (SNU).

    ICDERS has been held every two years since its founding in 1967 and continued to provide a platform for researchers interested in explosions and unsteady combustion, where there is strong coupling between reaction and fluid mechanics. The program will include world-renowned invited speakers alongside scientific meetings with contributions selected for acceptance by a program committee on the basis of peer reviews.

    The venue, SNU Siheung Campus, a new addition to SNU campus, situated in the Gyeonggi province is in the central western part of the Korean Peninsula that surrounds the city of Seoul and Incheon. It is conveniently located from the Incheon International Airport which is one of the world’s biggest airport in terms of international passengers. There are a plenty of rich tourist attractions, shopping centers, and leisure activities. I hope that your participation in ICDERS 2023 will provide a truly memorable and professional experience.

    With your strong support and help, we would like to offer you all with a safe, wonderful and most enjoyable week-long program as all members of the community will continue to prevail over COVID-19 together.

    The host committee will look forward to warmly welcome old friends, dear colleagues, and young researchers expectantly attending the ICDERS 2023 in Korea.  

    With our wholehearted welcome

    YOH, Jai-ick (Jack)
    Chair, The Host Committee of ICDERS 2023
    Professor, Seoul National University
  • Message from the President of KOSCO

    It is a pleasure to introduce the Korean Society of Combustion Institute (KOSCO) as the local host for the 29th International Colloquium on the Dynamics of Explosions and Reactive Systems (ICDERS 2023) which will be held in Korea for the first time.

    KOSCO was founded in 1986, and the current number of members including students is almost 1,000. The members of the KOSCO have been at the forefront of advancing combustion science and technology in all relevant areas, around the world as well as in Korea.

    KOSCO is expecting a big contribution and impact from the ICDERS to international scientific activities in the changing environment of the combustion-related energy industry since ICDERS will continue its tradition of providing a representative spectrum of up-to-date scientific information on today’s research and applications in the field of combustion.

    The members of KOSCO will fully support for the successful hosting of the ICDERS 2023 based on their experience of successfully hosting the International Symposium on Combustion Institute in 2016.

    We are looking forward to an excellent meeting with great colleagues and sharing new and exciting results in combustion science and technology, which will be held in Korea from July 23-28, 2023.

    KWON, Oh Chae
    President, The Korean Society of Combustion
    Professor, Sungkyunkwan University