Submission Guide
Submission Guide
The typical topics discussed at the Colloquium are:
Detonation dynamics, structure, initiation and limits
Dynamics of reactive supersonic flows
Propulsion applications of detonations and high-speed flames
Pressure gain combustion, including pulsed, constant volume, and detonative combustion
Astrophysical deflagrations and detonations
Reactive dynamics of energetic materials
Dynamics of laminar and turbulent flames
Turbulence in compressible reacting flows
Multiphase reactive flow dynamics
Gas and dust explosions
Explosion safety
Fire dynamics
Diagnostics for reactive systems
Numerical methods for reacting flows
Nonlinear analysis and reactive analogues
Modeling of reactive systems, including data-driven and machine learning-based methods
Chemical reaction kinetics and reaction dynamics
Ignition phenomena
Reaction wave instabilities and quenching
Relaxation phenomena in shock waves
Combustion acoustic phenomena
Nanoparticles and soot in reactive systems
Combustion processes in IC engines